A sensor mounting system for a UAV

The University Of Calgary Autonomous Robotics Department required a sensor mounting system for its newest Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV). The sensors allow the vehicle to generate a 360 degree 3d map of the vehicle’s surroundings.

LIDAR sensors, a camera gimbal and computer equipment needed to be securely fastened to the aircraft. The system needed to be lightweight, highly configurable and durable.


Material Selection

Specialized software was used to select the correct alloy to be used in the process. The material needed to be lightweight, resist high frequency cyclical modulation, and have a high yield strength.


Finite Element Analysis was conducted to ensure the components were as light as possible without failing.

Manufacturing and assembly

The final components were anodized to make everything look exceptionally dope.

The Team

Alex Young, Colin Firminger, Daljinder Sanghera, Gurinder Dhillon, Sheldon Sindhu at University of Calgary, Wednesday April 11, 2012