RFID Car Door Entry System

A wireless card swipe entry system for a car

The objects around us should react to our presence. We should not have to cater to the needs of the devices we create.
My vision for this project was to be able to open my car door by just walking near my vehicle door. A wireless RFID vehicle entry system was developed. The RFID tags can come in the form of buttons, cards, keyrings and even sub-dermal insertable tags.


Developed Circuitry

Developed a prototype board to control the relays for the actuators that I was installing in the car door.

RemoveD Car Doors

InstallED Actuators

InstallED RFID System

Tags that can be used

RFID tags can be woven into everyday garments and worn as buttons, carried as cards / keyrings, or even directly inserted into the hand.