Disrupting the Future of Media.

POP is a new media platform that facilitates unfiltered discussion of current events on living and evolving articles.

The POP platform aims to burst digital filter bubbles and allows users to challenge their assumptions by highlighting points of contention where the sentiment of others vary from what is expressed in the article. In this way, the user understands to not take certain content for truth, and instead can critically reflect and challenge his/her knowledge of a situation.

Every person’s perspective matters, so anyone can contribute to the article. If you have something to say about an event, take action! Each edit is logged immutable, and added to the living article. POP is a new means to express yourself and your individual perspective to the world.

By allowing easy analysis of user contributions over time, readers have a news lens to view the past with. Not only can users learn how a story has evolved over time, but they can also gain an appreciation for how the sentiment and opinions of people has changed in time.

For more information please visit: http://www.pop-media.co.uk/

Download the POP Manifesto

This project currently in development…. come back soon for more info!

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  • Daljinder (DJ) Sanghera – (Me!)
  • Tessa Ohm
  • Tony Cho