Inflated Curiosity Workshop – MIT Media Lab

Physically depict the pulse of heartbeat

Technology has no value without context.

The Tangible Media Group at MIT collaborated with select students from the Royal College of Art to develop potential applications of a new pneumatic control technology.

Our group focused on the relationship between air and life. We asked ourselves if we could strengthen the bond between people and objects using the technology. This resulted in the development of a method to physically draw the pulse of a heartbeat with air.

After exploring this prototype, a member of the Tangible Media group wondered if this could be used as a new form of digital signature. By augmenting physical writing with a unique identifier such as a heart beat, we postulated a new form of secure authorization.

Prototype Testing


Exploring the relationship between air and life. We wondered if we could replicate the slow, calm, soothing movements of a mothers chest using the pneumatic system. Could we help people de-stress?


  • Daljinder (DJ) Sanghera – (Me!)
  • Malav Sanghvi
  • Workshop hosted by members of the Tangible Media Group at MIT