A delightful energy dispenser


Our team was challenged to develop 9 identical sugar shakers that embody the GoPro brand, within 1 week. Each member of the team had an equal role in ideation, concept generation, manufacturing, branding and packaging design.

GoPro wouldn’t normally make a sugar shaker, so how can we merge the seemingly dissimilar product categories?

By decoding and understanding the brand, it’s core values and the culture surrounding the brand, we developed the “Go-Pro Insta-Boost system”.

Instaboost dispenses “Hero-Powder” to give its users the energy they need to complete the extreme stunts they want to capture on their GoPro cameras.

Decoding the Brand

What if the sugar shaker was an energy dispenser?



  • Daljinder (DJ) Sanghera
  • Elena Larriba
  • Mafalda Sobral
  • Robert Rouse