Future Artefacts – Thought Experiments

Historical Remnants of the Future

Trachea Filters

We are victims of our own devices.

The trachea filters are for a future where we resort to modifying ourselves as a result of our impact on the environment.

These devices are inserted into the body and fuse to inner walls of the trachea as a means to provide clean air to the body without wearing external filtration devices.

Natural Intelligence

“Our need for random numbers foregrounds the fundamental limits of our knowledge, scientific objectivity, and the fallibility of human perception.”


~ Paul Prudence

Should Artificial Intelligence aim to completely replicate human intelligence or only specific aspects of it? Who should decide which characteristics are included / excluded?

If the goal is to replicate human intelligence, perhaps the answer will be to let nature decide. A random number generated via computation will never generate random numbers the same way humans do. Instead of relying on man made architecture to produce intelligence, could we leverage natural or synthetic biological structures to replicate consciousness?

Self-Surgery: Wearables to Insertables

normalizing self surgery

Future electronic systems will be embedded into our bodies. But how will we install, manage and take care of them? What are the stimga’s assosciated with inserting foreign bodies into the skin?

Removal – Dissolvable Circuits

Dissolvable circuits already exist. Will this mean that future insertables won’t need to be removed? Will they be designed in accordance to the technological lifecycle of the product?