McModule Enclosure

An innovative, mass manufacturable plastic enclosure.

Simulations for the unique, Single Material push button design

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Constraints = Opportunity

This innovative plastic enclosure was designed by leveraging cost constraints as an opportunity to not only make the enclosure cheaper, but also increase usability.

Key requirements for this enclosure from the client:

  • House the electronic PCB (McModule)
  • Ability to open and close the enclosure
  • Single push button
  • Surface Mountable
  • LED Light Indication should be present
  • Approximately 3000 unit run
  • Low cost manufacturing

Thin Wall Push Button

By changing the physical properties of the enclosure with specific internal geometry, a push button was designed which didn’t require additional parts or molds. Instead, the enclosure relies on the flexibility of the material.

Living Hinge

The manufacture of the steel mold for the injection molding machine is the most expensive operation in the development of this enclosure.

By designing a living hinge, ~50% of the mold and assembly costs were saved as only one mold for both halves was required.

Careful attention to detail was required for the design of the hinge. Certain plastics would crack under this type of strain. A concious decision was made to use a polypropylene plastic, to allow for many open/close cycles.


Originally, a fibre optic light tube was to be installed in the enclosure. However, by using semi-translucent plastic, we were able to avoid the costs of installation of a traditional light tube, while maintaining functionality.


Ideation and detailed modelling was completed by DJ Sanghera, and the external surface modelling was completed by Darren McKeage.